The Hume Society

Stimulating Scholarship on the Writings of David Hume

General Information

Hume Society Conferences

The purpose of the Hume Society is to stimulate scholarship on David Hume’s works worldwide. This explains the Society’s commitment to annual conferences. We are committed to:

  • holding annual conferences around the world;
  • anonymous review of submitted papers;
  • soliciting commentaries for all papers accepted for conference programs;
  • structuring conferences in order to allow for a thorough and helpful discussion of presentations;
  • ensuring occasions during which participants can meet informally to get to know one another and so continue their conversations beyond the confines of the Conference.

The aim is to sustain an international community of Hume scholars.

Conference Sessions

The Society promotes Hume scholarship also by scheduling sessions for special Group Meetings at annual conferences of the American Philosophical Association, for its respective Divisions, and at conferences of the Canadian Philosophical Association. For this purpose the Executive Committee appoints Group Meeting organizers for three-year terms.

Our current APA Coordinators are:

Eastern Divison: Charles Goldhaber (2023-2026)

Central Division: Getty Lustila (2023-2026)

Pacific Division: Liz Goodnick (2021-2026)

Our current CPA Coordinator is:

Ann Levey (2024-2026)

The Hume Society is also planning a special Group Meeting for the 2024 World Congress of Philosophy in Rome, 1-8 August 2024. Our World Congress Coordinator for the 2024 meeting is Enrico Galvagni.